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Because our catalog division focuses solely on frames we sells only to upholstery shops and design firms. Imagine someone’s dismay at thinking they were ordering an upholstered wing chair, only to be delivered disassembled parts!

So what if you are interested in one of our styles? Who should you turn to? To assist you in procuring quality Chervan frames we have created the FrameLink Directory, a listing of skilled upholsterers and talented designers throughout the United States. All of our FrameLink Partners would be happy to assist you in turning a Chervan Frame, into fine custom furniture.

You’d be really amazed at the price, options, reasonable delivery times, and most of all quality construction you can get from local crafts people and designers. A FrameLink partner and a Chervan Frame makes great furniture for you!

We would be happy to send you a catalog for your reference, but please be sure to stop by the FrameLink site to look for a partner in your area......