Configurable Cocktail Ottomans
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Chervan’s unique configurable cocktail ottomans give you control of the shape, dimensions and leg styles of the frame. Creating thousands of possibilities

Round Ottomans

Round ottomans are available in 3 different diameters:

48 Inches
Item # 6549

34 Inches
Item # 6374

22 Inches
Item # 6548

In addition to setting the diameter of the ottoman Chervan offers a filler to increase the seat height:

Square and Rectangular Ottomans

With Chervan's square and rectangular Cocktail Ottomans choose from 6 different sizes of rails to create sizes ranging from 21” to 41".
Mix and match the side rails to create a variety of dimensions.
Click here for info on Chervans line of seat height configurable ottomans